What is "The Shadow"?
"The Shadow" is a stylish and affordable way to screen practically any opening in your home, from the smallest push-out window, to French doors. The major asset of our product versus conventional screening is its ability to "disappear" when not in use.
  • The lowest profile of any retractable screen
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Long lasting durability
  • Highest quality materials
  • Installs on all types of doors and windows
  • Each retractable screen is custom fit on site
  • Mounts inside or outside
  • Rust free
  • Strong magnetic holding clasp
  • Safety features for children and pets
  • Sturdy roller glide action
  • Manufactured locally in BC
  • Limited lifetime warranty (excluding screen)
The innovative design is flexible enough to use on:
  • Entrance doors
  • Out-swing doors
  • In-swing doors
  • Double french doors
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Oversized doors
  • All styles of windows
  • Screen enclosures
Why choose "The Shadow"?
Here are some of the benefits of our brand.
  • A re-designed, aesthetically pleasing,
    smooth operating product.
  • Extremely competitively priced
  • The slimmest profile on the market (35% thinner than our previous model);
  • The least amount of obstruction, visually and physically, with respect to the window or doorway opening
  • A brush seal system to:
    • Prevent the unit from recoiling violently on itself (avoiding injury);
    • Keep debris out of the bottom track (ensuring continued smooth operation);
    • Provide a tight seal between the slider and door jamb
  • The option of a speed reduction gear to further decelerate the spring mechanism
  • Deep-seated plastic guides and rounded edges to prevent the screen from popping out of the tracks, and to protect the mesh from tearing due to accidental walk throughs, etc.
  • A re-engineered system to allow for:
    • The utilization of materials other than screen mesh to allow for privacy screens, advertising, shades, etc.
    • The easiest installation on the market, even on out of plumb or non-square applications
    • The unique ability to easily cut stock length product to size on site, requiring only basic tools, and one trip
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